TechCrunch: VCs have discovered the Midwest

The Midwest is back! At least, that’s the conclusion from a group of venture capitalists who went on a multi-day bus tour through the region recently. As Kevin Roose wrote in the New York Times this week, “The trip, which took place on a luxury bus outfitted with a supply of vegan doughnuts and coal-infused kombucha, was known as the ‘Comeback Cities Tour.’”


Roose writes in a sly tongue-in-cheek fashion, and for good reason: the whole trip is and was an obnoxious affectation of coastal elites gawking at poverty in America’s heartland. VCs were beside themselves at what they were seeing according to Roose. “This is nicer than San Francisco” said Robin Li of GGV Capital, looking at a co-working space in downtown Detroit. “If it weren’t for my kids, I’d totally move,” said Cyan Bannister of Founders Fund.


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