JT Hwang


As Chief Information Officer at Vivint Smart Home, JT oversees all IT operations and software development. JT understands that a smart company requires smart technology, and he has built a solid technological infrastructure that has been essential to Vivint’s growth as a company. As a large company, Vivint requires a wide variety of complex programs to perform at its best. From a robust customer management and scheduling system, to an elaborate phone system and fully functional monitoring station, JT’s contributions have been instrumental in managing this complex environment.

The customer management system is all-encompassing and includes billing, the ability to run credit, customer support, and other reports and dashboards. The scheduling system implemented by JT has improved field service and led to Vivint receiving a 2010 Mobilizer award for Field Service Excellence.

In addition, JT’s construction of the Central Monitoring Station is perhaps his most important contribution to date and has been particularly important to Vivint’s progress. The monitoring station completed Vivint’s transformation into a full-service security company with service and monitoring capabilities managed within one organization. JT is also responsible for technology strategies. He is always looking toward the future and researching new technologies that will help Vivint better serve its customers. He also ensures that new technology from acquisitions and out sources integrates correctly with Vivint’s programs and systems.

Before coming to Vivint, JT worked at HP and was the Chief Architect at Netezza. He holds both a bachelor’s in computer science and a master’s in computer science and electrical engineering from MIT.