Heartland Tech Weekly: The benefits to being outside the Bay Area are growing

This week, I’m in Reno, Nevada for VentureBeat’s Blueprint conference, where we’ve gathered more than 300 entrepreneurs, investors, and economic development officials to talk about the challenges and opportunities facing tech companies that have set up shop outside of Silicon Valley.


One of the most common sentiments I’ve heard from panelists and attendees is that while the benefits of building a startup in second- or third-tier markets aren’t always widely touted, these regions offer some powerful advantages over the Bay Area. And interest in exploring lesser-known markets is only growing.


Eventbrite SVP of platform Patrick Poels said that his company’s turnover rate in its Nashville engineering office — which opened in 2014 — is statistically close to zero. For many companies in the Bay Area, the turnover rate is 25 percent.


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