Our Purpose & Approach

Our passion is helping entrepreneurs build world changing companies.

There has never been a better time to start a business with low start-up costs and unprecedented potential global impact.

We believe the Midwest is the most compelling opportunity in the world and one of the fastest growing parts of the venture capital community.

However, a great market and capital are not enough. We take a hands-on approach to helping entrepreneurs build world changing companies from the ground up with a strong advisory team.

Helping entrepreneurs is more than just a job to us. It’s something we were born to do.

We invest in innovative B2B SaaS start-ups. Our sweetspot is to write $500K-$1MM checks for companies raising their first institutional round of funding. We are happy to lead, co-lead, or participate in fundraising rounds. Beyond our capital investment, we help entrepreneurs with refining strategy and focus, talent development, and business development. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs achieve successful follow-on rounds and future exits.

Our Ideal Startup


Headquartered in an under served market in the U.S. or Canada


Early-stage (Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A) technology companies seeking first or second round of funding


B2B SaaS


Large and rapidly growing markets with measurable data from early customers


Technology based, highly scalable, and difficult to replicate


We back passionate entrepreneurs with exceptional track-records